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Case studies

Sharifun leads dramatic improvements of working conditions in her factory
Sharifunnessa has been working in the garment sector since 2002. She studied up to high school level. She came to Dhaka from Dinajpur in search of work to take care of her disabled husband and 3 children. When she started… Read more
Fearless Morjina overcomes all odds to negotiate a CBA at her factory
Morjina started working in the RMG sector as an operator in 2004. A mother of 2, she moved to Dhaka from Dinajpur for garment work. She has no formal education because her parents were too poor to send her to… Read more
From negotiating a groundbreaking CBA to giving testimony at the UN – Bilkis is an exemplary young leader in the RMG sector
Bilkis Begum is a 30-year-old mother of one. She came to Dhaka to work in the RMG sector 9 years ago. She currently holds the position of machine operator at her factory. Bilkis noticed that at her factory workers were… Read more
Harassment almost cost Afrina a promotion in the factory
Afrina is a 22-year old garment worker in Dhaka. She has been working as a machine operator for five years and because of her hard work she was being considered for a promotion to supervisor position at her factory. However,… Read more