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Schools and daycare centers

Low wages of garment workers in Bangladesh, along with poor support services means that the children of garment workers are in a very vulnerable position when their mothers go to work. While day care facilities are legally mandated, they are often not provided at the factories. Even in cases where day-care facilities exist, they are not properly equipped or even hygienic, which prevents workers from using them. For children over day-care age, access to good quality primary education is a challenge in the slums and poor neighbourhoods where garment workers live.

Awaj provides high quality primary education and day-care services for children of garment workers who are often deprived of these basic services.

Since 2015, with financial support from KiK Textilien, Awaj Foundation has been operating day-care centres and primary schools in the Bagerbazar, Sreepur and Gazipur areas in the Dhaka division. In these day-care centres and schools, children are provided a safe, warm and caring environment to learn and play in. Children are also given nutritious meals, books and other necessary learning tools to make sure that they have the best possible support in these crucial years of their physical and intellectual growth.