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Life skills beyond the factory

In addition to rights at the workplace, Awaj Foundation also provides trainings to workers on valuable life skills such as financial management and nutrition. The community-based women’s cafes run by Awaj brings workers together where they can learn skills that improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. The workers participating in these trainings in turn share their knowledge with their neighbours and have a positive impact on their communities.

Financial literacy

Awaj provides training to workers on identifying savings opportunities in their weekly expenditure and how to safely invest these savings. We help workers to open bank accounts by guiding them through the account application process and acting as a nominee for workers, when necessary. We also help workers identify savings plans such as a DPS (Deposit Premium Scheme). Women workers often use these savings for their children’s education.

My husband wanted to send our daughter to the village as education costs less there. But I was able to convince him to keep our daughter with us and assured him that I have saved some money for her schooling – Worker in Awaj’s financial literacy program.

Women workers participating in financial literacy training have said that their decision-making and bargaining power have significantly in their families as a result of the trainings. When empowered with knowledge, women are less likely to accept financial decisions being made for them by their husbands or male relatives.


Awaj provides training to workers on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. The training modules include information on how to choose nutritious food under a tight budget, drinking adequate water, getting 8 hours of sleep and how to maintain a daily routine. Information is also provided on common diseases and how to prevent them.

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