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Health services

With support from KiK Textilien, Awaj Foundation provides crucial medical services to garment workers and their children. The type of services provided include:

  • Medical advice, diagnostics and medicine at reasonable cost
  • Raise awareness and provide information on HIV / AIDS
  • Provide information on menstrual hygiene and distribute sanitary napkins for women workers
  • Provide training on general health and nutrition
  • Provide first aid training
  • Raise awareness on pure drinking water sanitation systems
  • Provide training on occupational health and safety

To date, healthcare services have been provided to over 100,000 workers and their children, 15,000 sanitary napkins have been distributed and training on occupational health and safety has been given to over 19,000 workers. In addition, financial help has been provided to 46 workers in need of urgent, life-saving surgery or long-term treatments (such as for breast cancer and heart disease) who would not be able to afford treatment otherwise. 

Awaj has provided free or low-cost healthcare services to over 100,000 garment workers and their children and has started providing eye-care services for workers in 2018.

In 2018, Awaj started a collaboration with Fred Hollows Foundation to provide eye care services to garment workers from its Rasulbagh women’s café. We provide preventative treatment for eye diseases and also treatment for diseases such as cataract and trachoma.