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Awaj foundation

Amplifying workers’ voices for decent working conditions in the apparel supply chain

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Who we are

An organization founded and led by garment workers

Awaj Foundation is a grassroots labour rights NGO with over 600,000 worker members across Bangladesh. Through our projects, services, research and advocacy, we aim to empower workers and enable harmonious industrial relations. We particularly focus on supporting women workers, because we believe that leadership from women can transform our society towards greater equity and justice.

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Our Approach

Awaj Foundation works to improve the lives of individual workers, and at the same time, catalyze structural changes across the industry

In the factory

We work in the factories to train workers and management members on legal rights, responsibilities and social dialogue to improve working conditions.

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In the community

Through our workers' cafes we provide a range of services, from legal aid and health services to trainings on financial literacy, to improve the living conditions of workers.

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Advocacy and campaigns

Through national and international-level advocacy, we work towards structural changes that will improve working conditions in Bangladesh and globally.

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