Awaj Foundation Awaj Foundation

Theory of Change

Awaj Foundation believes that decent working conditions and better lives for workers are achieved and sustained when workers are aware of their rights and an enabling environment exists to exercise those rights. In order to facilitate this, Awaj focuses on six main areas:

  • A living wage that enables workers to live with dignity
  • Centering the welfare of women workers, who are the majority of the workforce in the RMG sector, by ensuring safe workplaces for women and implementation of provisions such as maternity benefits and daycare facilities
  • Developing capacity and creating an enabling environment for women to take up leadership roles in their factories and the sector as a whole
  • Increasing awareness among all stakeholders, including workers, factory owners and management on their rights and responsibilities to each other
  • Enabling implementation of decent working conditions through social dialogue between workers and factory management
  • Amplifying grassroots voices in policy processes through a research and advocacy agenda that is shaped by workers themselves

Our interventions contribute to at least one of these six domains of change, which in the long-run will contribute towards improved working conditions, stronger workers’ voice and leadership of women in Bangladesh and around the world.