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Khadiza Akter

Khadiza Akter

Khadiza Akter is the Treasurer of Awaj Foundation and the Vice President of Sommolito Garments Sramik Federation.

Khadiza started her career as a child worker in the garment sector when she was 11 years old. After working in the factory for nine years, she decided to get involved in trade unions and organizing workers. Khadiza is a co-founder of Awaj Foundation and has been with the organization since it started its journey in 2003. As Treasurer, she oversees the finances of Awaj.

Khadiza is an experienced trainer and mentor. She regularly provides training on labour law, trade unionism, collective bargaining, conflict resolution, gender-based violence, family law and project management. She has received numerous national and international trainings on topics such as project management, trade unions, budgeting and gender equality and she was certified as a master trainer by GIZ in 2016. She now provides oversight to all of Awaj’s training programs and mentors younger trainers.

Khadiza also has experience in conducting surveys and research. She is currently heading a feminist participatory action research project on contractual work in the RMG sector in collaboration with APWLD.