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Solidarity Center

The Workers’ Empowerment Program (WEP) of Solidarity Center aims to improve labour conditions in the RMG and Shrimp and Fish Processing sectors of Bangladesh. Component 2 of the WEP specifically aims to promote the rights and interests of worker communities. It aims to do this through strengthening social networks, increasing access to public and private services and developing the capacity of women leaders.

Awaj Foundation has been working with Solidarity Center on Component 2 of the WEP since 2015 to empower RMG sector workers with the skills and institutions necessary to be able to protect their rights, promote their interest and improve condition in their communities and their factories. As a partner in the project, Awaj Foundation:

  • Helps to organize and build Workers Community Associations (WCAs)
  • Provides trainings to workers on labour law, conflict resolution, civic education, family health, occupational safety and health and financial skills
  • Provides trainings on gender equality and women’s leadership
  • Builds relationships between communities and service providing organizations
  • Conducts community outreach and mobilizes people around issues that are important to the community
  • Facilitates dialogue with employers and government officials

To date, Awaj Foundation has provided trainings to and engaged over 24,000 workers, community members, service providers and industry stakeholders as part of the WEP.

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