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Strengthening civil society and public institutions to address gender-based violence

Duration of project

July 2017 - September 2021


Manusher Jonno Foundation


Manusher Jonno Foundation

The goal of this project is to reduce prevalence of gender-based violence (GBV) in the RMG sector and make institutions (both public and private) more accountable and responsive to GBV. It also works towards improving access of women workers to accountability mechanisms.

The project accomplishes these goals by raising awareness among women and men workers on GBV, how they can combat it, how victims of GBV can seek help and demand accountability. It helps establish institutional mechanisms at factories such as anti-harassment committees and policies on sexual harassment. It also provides training to factory management on GBV and anti-harassment procedures.

Beyond the factory, the project engages with communities and public institutions to increase awareness on GBV and strengthen means to combat it. Social accountability tools such as social audits and community scorecards are being used to make public institutions more responsive to complaints of GBV. The project will set up at least 10 help-lines at 10 factories so that women workers can easily report harassment and get help. Lastly, policy advocacy is also being conducted with law makers and local government officials in Chittagong to ensure better implementation of the labour law and other relevant policies relevant to GBV.

The project is being implemented in the industrial zones of Chittagong. The direct beneficiaries are 600 women RMG workers and the indirect beneficiaries are 1800 workers.

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