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Improving Industrial relations and workplace cooperation through capacity building and social dialogue

Duration of project

January - December 2019


Mondiaal FNV



The goal of this project is to improve wages in the RMG sector towards a living wage and tackle GBV through effective and representative trade unions. In order to achieve this goal, the project will help form new trade unions and improve effectiveness of existing trade unions in 3 industrial areas of Bangladesh through capacity development. It will increase gender-sensitivity in the target factories by increasing awareness of workers and management and by developing leadership among women workers. The activities of the project include trainings, workshops, roundtable discussions on policy and publications.

The project will be implemented in 10 factories in 3 industrial areas in Bangladesh: Gazipur, Ashulia/ Savar and Narayanganj, over a one-year time period.

The targeted beneficiaries of the project are 1,510, with 1,390 workers and 120 top / mid-level management members. It is expected that another 8,000 workers and management will be indirectly benefitted through peer to peer learning.

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